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who is that divinely dressed individual?” asked his friend - Louis Romanusand answered also.

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… that’s how his friend Louis wrote about Ramon:

Having known Ramon for over ten years I cannot count the number of times I have been asked “who is that divinely dressed individual?”. Be it across a party, a roller disco or at the Royal Academy, where Ramon has worked for XXXX years, people are always drawn to the way in which he puts outfits together.
From candy coloured pastel linens worthy of Brideshead to inky blue boiled wool blazers, Ramon’s stylistic signatures centre around classic suiting but always include his unique brand of panache. Be this the subtle accent of colour or layering of texture, used to create everyday looks all his own that most would save for high days and holidays! It is this daily commitment to creative dressing that I so admire. I believe for Ramon, this is by no means contrived and is simply a way of life, an essential form of artistic expression.
Perhaps it is this total commitment that people are subliminally attracted to? Or perhaps it is simply the old world romance of a perfectly waxed moustache or nonchalantly knotted cravat? Overarchingly I think that for many, there is such joy in seeing someone take such explicit and articulated care of their appearance in a world riddled with contemporary casual (and possibly taking risks outside of the sartorial norm that they would wish to). It alludes to escapism and fantasy, which seem to me to become ever more essential in our world of extremes today! I would say that alone deserves much thanks; so here’s to Ramon - three cheers and much love from me and anyone else who has whispered “who is that divinely dressed individual?”.

  • Text/ Louis Romanus 
  • Photography/ by me
  • Model and styling / Ramon Mota 
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