ISSA - model : portraits, fashion, street photography / part 1

I had several photoshoots with Issa. These photographs are not published anywhere yet.
You could see some fashion portraits and editorial with him on my website or Instagram. My editorial was published in ” Dapper Tapper Mag” with Issa as a model. He is a great stylist, these outfits  were created by himself.
I’m so grateful that he agreed to take part of my projects. As the location I chose the London Bridge area.

Lifestyle portraits of an artist: Ramon Mota

Ramon is an artist whom I met a few years ago at the Royal Academy of Art in London. I offered him a photoshoot with a positive response. He is undoubtedly an interesting individual. We met several times in different locations. In this post are the first photographs from the series.
Ramon has an amazing taste and imagination in the selection of vintage clothes, and takes care of every detail giving something special. His style is not a copy from someone else, but flows from “inside” that’s why is so unique and splendid.

My idea was to create something like lifestyle photography and fashion portraits to show his personality. 

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