Editorial⎜ Dinnit Divo - singer/songwriter / Ladbroke Grove - London

…  Dinnit Divo is a model, an award winning actor and singer. Multi-talented but with music as his main focus, Dinnit started writing lyrics and singing at the age of 18. With a broad range of influences covering electro-pop, rock and R&B.

this Photoshoot took place at Ladbroke Grove in London. Dinnit has a great sense of taste as you can see in these editorial . He proved that he is not only a good model but also a talented stylist. ( “I met him from the fashion site”.)

If you wish to have similar photoshoot or would love to photograph yourself, I would be happy to help you with portraits or editorial. Everyone is welcome …. ♡     

FREYA ⎥ Editorial for Noctis Magazine.

Freya is a Chinese fashion blogger based in London. She focuses mainly on applying for fashion tips
and street style on her social platforms.
Freya has been acting on the platforms like Sina Weibo
and Instagram for many years.

This is editorial for ”Noctis” Magazine”, styled by herself with pieces from Gucci, Zara, Saint Laurent and Chinese Brands. It was a pleasure to cooperate with this talented girl. Freya is not a model but she highly understands how to pose and look natural in photographs.

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